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Ngee Beng Trading started off in 1987 as a small family business selling local eggs door to door, later moving on to various markets in Tampines and Pasir Ris with Pasir Ris 441 being one of our stops in 1994. Due to the bird flu outbreak and shortage of eggs in 2004, we have since changed our main business to selling of noodles and traditional handmade beancurd. Over the years, we have continuously sourced for ingredients such as fishcakes, condiments and frozen food to complement our beancurd and noodles. We moved back to Pasir Ris 441 in 2012.

Today, we have expanded to selling simple breakfast items such as chee cheong fun, carrot/yam cake and packaged nasi lemak. We strive to keep up the freshness of our fresh products such as tau kwa, soft tofu, noodles/kway teow and fishballs by restocking them daily. We have a branch that sells less items at Tampines Mart which you can visit if you crave our delicious tau kwa. Both our shops have the same blue “Noodles & Beancurd” signboard.


艺民始于1987年,原本以挨家挨户销售本地鸡蛋为主,后在各个淡滨尼和巴西立湿巴刹开始售卖,并于1994年在巴西立441营业几年。后因2004年禽流感的爆发及鸡蛋的短缺,从而开始售卖面条和豆干。为配合我们主要售卖的面条和豆干,我们也不断采购本地新鲜的鱼饼、各类调味品和冷冻食品等食材, 让顾客可以在艺民得到一站式的服务。在2012年,我们又搬回了巴西立441菜市场。


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Tau Kwa, Beansprouts and Noodles restocked daily to ensure freshness

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Handmade Fishcakes, Speciality Noodles, Tau Pok, Soft Tofu and Frozen Food

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Local Eggs and Beansprouts and Made in Singapore Sauces and Frozen Food