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What are the frequently asked questions?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 常见问题

How fresh are your items? 您的食品有多新鲜?

Our yellow noodles, bee tai mak and laksa noodles arrive by 4am daily while our tau kwa, handmade fishballs and full complement of kway teow items arrive by 7.30am daily. Frozen Food are restocked weekly.  



Where is our daily restocked items from? 您的食品从哪里采购?

They’re from Bedok. 



Is there a delivery service? 您有提供送货服务吗?

Our current delivery areas are Pasir Ris ($4), Tampines&Changi($5), Bedok/Hougang/Sengkang/Punggol($6). Delivery slots are limited to Monday to Saturday afternoons and evenings depending on stock availability.



When can orders be picked-up? Is there any cut-off time to order? 何时可以去领取订单?订单有时限吗?

All online orders will be ready after 1pm or 1 hour after invoice is issued based on availability of stock. The daily cut-off time for ordering is 4pm. 



Is online ordering the only way to purchase items? 只能从网站订购食品吗?

No. You may order through our facebook page or our whatsapp number but both will again be subject to acknowledgement of the order and stock availability.  



Why is there no vegetables & egg items? 为什么现在没有菜和鸡蛋?

Vegetables & Eggs will be launched together with the delivery service.